Zavorin Loyatar

Elegant bearded bard carrying some wisdom in his eyes


Tiefling, bard level unknown
High level Bardic Knowledge and hard to get in combat for a bard. Zavorin has a lot of Knowledge skills and he fights with arcane bardic spellcasting and sometimes with a ranged weapon.


Zavorin is a nomad of many places, that favorites the lands of Faerun. His father was a demonic creature of the outlands and his mother was a native human from Toril/Faerun.

Once he was a visitor to Sigil and as a bard, he was at least fascinated by the magestic city of gates. Nowdays, he seeks adventure and knowledge on the northlands of Faerun, but he also desires to see some Terra Ingocnita or travel to some other plane, or even Sigil.

He met the party of the Destiners in Mirabar, where he chose to follow them on their travels. He is sure that a “big story-to-tell” will take place soon, as he can predict that their birthmarks are carrying a lot of promising adventure and epic/dramatic sceneries.

In the end, Zavorin was dominated by his demons and devils.. as his puppeteer, a seductive Erinyes led him to insanity, thus he commited suicide, slashing his throat with his own hand.

Zavorin Loyatar

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